Hassan Nisar

Hasan Nisar is a successful Pakistani journalist, columnist and analyst. He is associated with GEO TV and Jang Group. He has become a common name because he often participates in talk shows. He is best known for his column ‘Choraha’ written by Jang Group. He once hosted his own talk show ‘Choraha’ on GEO TV. He also participated in the talk show Meray Mutabiq on GEO News for some time. In August 2012, he stopped working for Jan Group and GEO TV due to some differences with their management. He then joined DUNYA News and resumed his program under the new name ‘Meri Dunya’. He worked for DUNYA News for 8 months and moved to Jang Group in April 2013 after his disagreements were resolved with their management. He is famous for his justice and strong stance. He is a huge fan thanks to his revolutionary thoughts on bringing about change in governance.

Biography of Hasan Nisara

Hassan Nisar was born on July 5, 1951 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. His mother was from a rich background, while his father’s family has an artistic basis. Hasan Nisar has five brothers and sisters and four sisters.

Hasan Nisar completed matriculation and F.A from Faisalabad. He moved to the University of Punjab in Lahore to pursue his higher education. Hassan studied journalism and economics at the University of Punjab in Lahore.

Hasana Nisara’s career

Hasan Nisar’s father wanted him to become a CSB officer after graduation, and Hasan himself to become a film writer. However, he began his professional career as a journalist in 1972 when he was offered a job. His first salary was 350 rupees a month. He started working for Dhanak magazine and lived in Dhanak’s office space. He also wrote poetry, film songs and edited the monthly magazine Zanjeer. He also started a business in Dahi Ballay and Tikka Kabab as a model city. His business was successful, from which he earned a beautiful amount every month. In addition to journalism, Hassan wrote poetry, film songs and worked as an editor. The film’s producers bought his songs but used his name as a poet. This made Hassan sad and sad. Hasan also worked for the newspapers Masawat, Khabrain and Sadaqat.

Hasan Nisar’s column

Hasan Nisar is a Successful Personality. He is a journalist, colonist and analyst. He begins his career in journalism. He is well-known for his column “CHORAHA” on JANG Newspaper.

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